Welcome to the White Tiger Calgary Kung Fu School

This Calgary kung fu school offers classes in authentic White Tiger martial arts, an internal fighting style that centers around development of ferocious power and lightning speed.

The kung fu skills and methods taught have direct lineage to the system’s Chinese founder, Fong Do Duk. Shi-fu Jason Spurrell, the school’s chief instructor, is a committed student of Master Vincent Peppers who was a closed door disciple for 12 years to the current grand master Doo Wai.

If you are interested in learning a new martial art, continuing on your journey with authentic kung fu, or are looking for a new way to stay in shape and get some exercise enroll now.


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The Science of Kung-fu is proud to announce it's 15th anniversary of operation as a pragmatic school of martial arts this month. Our school continues to offer classes which focus on the development of ferocious power and lightning speed in our internal kung-fu practitioners. I look forward to working with all Science of Kung-fu students to reach their full potential in 2020 and 2021. The spirit of the tiger and wisdom of the dragon runs deep in all of you... Shi-fu. ...

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A very heartfelt and gracious thank you to Mr Michael Billings for lending his expertise to SKF students in an amazing seminar on the basics of chi sau yesterday afternoon. Very fortunate to have such a patient and knowledgeable wing chun practitioner spend 2 hours of invaluable time with us at SKF. Also, need to extend my gratitude to Jay Cooper and Sarah Jade for coming to our school to assist. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone... Shi-fu. ...

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Shi-fu Jason Spurrell would like to congratulate Marta Pierimarchi and Bill Tran for passing their black sash tests within the Sovereign White Tiger Association yesterday. Mr Tran received his level one black sash. Ms Pierimarchi received her level two black sash and is hereby Shi-fu of internal kung-fu. As one moves through our life experience, there is no doubt that there are things you can put a price on and then there are things you cannot. The value of the relationship I share with these two individuals is something that you cannot put a price on. I am eternally grateful for that relationship and forever indebted to internal kung-fu for bringing us together. The black sash you dawn upon your waist symbolizes many things. Most of all, it means you are never alone. I am always there for whatever you need and will always have your back. Let's savour today what was accomplished yesterday and meet the challenges of tomorrow together, shoulder to shoulder, stronger than ever... Shi-fu. ...

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